Where it all started...

Established in 1894, Khattab Fabrics stands among the few reputable fabric shops in Lebanon. Starting in a small shop in the heart of downtown Beirut by Khalil Khattab Senior, 120 years later we have expanded and now operate three branches across Lebanon. What started as a wholesale shop for textiles produced regionally has developed into an importer of fabrics from around the world and now operates as a retailer as well.

Our presence in the market for 120 years has allowed us to maintain our reputation as the best at what we do. This has also contributed to our dealings with several of the most highly regarded local and international foundations operating in Lebanon, including: ICRC, UNRWA, Hariri Foundation, High Commission for the Help of Lebanon, Makkassed Hospital and Foundations, American University of Beirut Medical Center and The Orphan Foundation. Khattab Fabrics has had the opportunity to provide fabrics that have furnished several hospitals, foundations, NGOs and governmental institutions. We also take pride in our Corporate Social Responsibility and find it fundamental to give back to the community in any way that is needed.

The experience we have accumulated has allowed us to take part in the many local and global exhibitions such as: Maison et Objets (Paris), Evteks (Turkey), Mood (Belgium), Proposte (Italy) and Canton Fair (China).

Expanding our reach is a goal that we have been able to achieve via our many contacts locally and globally, and through our customer satisfaction both in Lebanon and abroad, as we also provide international delivery.